Briefe 1781
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USA - Briefe 1781

ROCHAMBEAU, COMTE DE (Jean-Baptiste-Donatien de Vimeur) (1725-1807), French soldier, led the French force sent by Louis XVI in 1780 to aid the American Army in Revolutionary war; joined Washington’s Continental Army at White Plains in July 1781 and with Washington defeated Cornwallis at Yorktown. Returned to France in 1783.
REVOLUTIONARY WAR DATED FREE-FRANKED "Le Cte de Rochambeau" ENTIRE AUTOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED AS COMMANDER OF THE FRENCH EXPEDITIONARY ARMY, 2 pages: "au Camp de King´s Ferry le 24 aout 1781" to "Monsieur Després...commandant les troupes francaises á Providence"
Rochambeau writes: "My dear Desprez, please give to Monsieur Jujardy a detachment of a lieutenant and 24 man which will go to Boston to get the treasure and bring it to destination. Mr. de Choisy will deliver the orders of General Washington to Governor Green, to give you the militias of this country you will need, if the enemy tries an attack of Providence, after the departure of the naval squadron, what I do not believe. At Providence you have the Governor lieutenant Bowen ...who will give you all the forces necessary to defend this place, as the Americans are interested as we that the enemy does not take this place..."


Washington picked about 1,400 American troops to march with him and the nearly 5,000 French to Virginia. Rochambeau took every able-bodied French soldier, leaving a few convalesents to guard stores at Providence. Plan of March was to cross the Hudson to the north at Kings Ferry, and thus deceive the British of the real strategic direction of the movement.

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