Nord Borneo 1886
Certificate BPA

Malaysia / Straits Settlements - Nord Borneo 1886

Katalog Stanley Gibbons (SG) F 3a

NORTH BORNEO, postal fiscal, 1886, 10c. on 50c. violet, VARIETY SURCHARGE DOUBLE, canceled by red "KUDAT" c.d.s, in fine condition.

This very rare variety is probably KNOWN IN LESS THAN FIVE COPIES.
I was only able to trace two different: this one and a further one with same centering and postmark which is ex Naylor and Midas (lot 446).
This variety was missing in most major collections of this area including: Sir Gawaine, George Bloch, Danson, Wood, Shipman, Jacqui O, Taylor etc...
This very underpriced variety belongs to the rarest stamps of North Borneo.
Stanley Gibbons F3a. BPA certificate.

EUR 2.500

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